Arrangements for this Sunday's Public Mass

Posted 3rd August 2020

Many considerations have needed to be made for reopening mass to the public, please help us keep everyone safe by following the instructions given.

Please note that you should only attend public mass if you have registered via the website (

Please arrive early for mass to allow for the following considerations:

  • Please follow the directions of the stewards at all times
  • Please note the wearing of a face covering for the congregation is compulsory.

Singing/ Responses

  • The Bishops of England and Wales have said there should be no congregational singing at Mass (although we are allowed to have a single cantor)
  • And the spoken responses we make during mass should not be in a raised voice

Holy Communion

  • Communion will be given silently and in the hand only, and you should stand to receive the host.
  • Please extend your arms fully so there is a good distance between you and Fr Zbigniew. Your hands should be palms upwards, one of top of the other, and should be extended as flatly as possible.


  • At the end of mass please wait until directed to leave by the stewards so that we can maintain social distancing.
  • Please check that you have left nothing behind and please don't stay to chat, either in the church or in the car park

Sunday Collection

If you would like to contribute to the Sunday collection then you can do this online or by Standing Order. There are collection baskets by the entrance and both exits if you prefer to give cash.