Flower Arrangement

Flower Arranging

Flower arrangements in Church are for the glory of God and to help people raise their hearts and minds in thanksgiving to God for His beautiful Creation.

If you have a love of flowers and enjoy how flowers enhance our worship, please consider joining our small, friendly Flower Ministry Team, who work in pairs to arrange flowers on a rota basis. Training and support can be given.

Arranging is usually done on a Friday morning at 09.30, but we can be flexible. As a rule, we do arrangements for the pedestals either side of the tabernacle, Our Lady and St. Francis de Sales.

For weddings and special requests, please contact the arrangers. Usually flowers are purchased by the arranger and the money is claimed back from the person concerned.

For further information, contact Joan Connolly 01635 40968 or Parish Office.

Joan Connolly

Joan Connolly