Altar Servers

It is the servers privilege to assist the priest and people in the celebration of the liturgy of the Mass. This is one of the most rewarding and specialised ministries in the church.

The Mass is the central act of prayer for any parish and it is celebrated with simple dignity. Those who are called to serve represent the community around the altar. This should be a joy and privilege.

A good server is one who not only knows what to do but also understands why it is being done. To assist them in this, instruction is given to explain why they are doing certain things. 

The servers also form an important social group in the church and there are opportunities to celebrate this through certain events such as outings and treats.

After a year of regular service, servers will be invited to join the Guild of St Stephen and receive their Bronze St Stephen's medal.

Andrew Polland


Having been a server for over 22 years at my previous parish, I now have the privilege of serving at St Francis and leading our team of servers. If you would like to join us or you have any questions, please feel free to speak to me.

Lucy Fitt

Lucy Fitt