Eucharistic Ministers

One of the most humbling ministries is that of helping to distribute the Blessed Sacrament at Communion during the Mass. Ministers also take Communion to the sick and housebound at a time that is mutually convenient but usually after a celebration of the Eucharist.

In the role of Eucharistic Minister, the minister is serving the community. This is most appropriately done when the individual is able to proclaim the Scripture from the depths of their lived faith.

For all parish liturgies, including Sacramental celebrations, weddings and funerals, Eucharistic ministers should be formed and fully initiated Catholics. Furthermore, ministers are to be fully initiated, practicing Catholics who have by their actual Christian living shown that they have taken their faith seriously. Therefore, this ministry is open to women and men, aged sixteen and above, who have been fully initiated. They should be practicing Catholics, in good standing with the Church and the parish community.

Fulfilling the role of a Eucharistic Minister requires:

  • Attendance at 6.00pm Mass or 10.00am Mass, Easter Week, most Days of Obligation and other Services.
  • Annual Training and Reflection
Francis Connolly

Francis Connolly

Please contact me if you would like to be a Eucharistic Minister.