Welcome to our church

Ministry of Welcome

A welcomer is at the door of the Church to greet people and Welcome them on behalf of the Congregation. This Ministry is:

  • One of Friendly Greeting.
  • Directing people to Mass sheets and Newsletters and any other special documents needed for Mass.
  • Assisting those with special needs into the Church, and helping people to find seats especially if they have arrived late.
  • Directing Mums and Dads with children to the Hall should they need to use the facilities.
  • Being on hand to help and make people feel a part of the Congregation.
  • Identifying visitors and directing them to Gift Aid envelopes for offertory collection.

Further Information

  • Arrive at least 20 Minutes before Mass.
  • Continue to be at the back of Church up until the Gospel. Late comers deserve to be greeted and not made to feel guilty for missing part of the Mass. Who knows why they are late? No but, couldn’t find the church, afraid to come in because they don’t feel worthy! God only knows the answer - it’s not for us to judge.
  • Be ready to help anyone to locate the toilets and hall as necessary.
  • Help with Special collections and distribution of Newsletters.
  • If you are afraid that by doing this Ministry you won’t be part of the Mass, please remember that Our Lord is in all of us and that this Ministry is your prayer.​