Website launch

Posted 23rd September 2018

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new website. This is a custom built website for our parish with more features to come in the future. If you have requirements for features or feedback on the site, please let Andrew Polland know.

The initial implementation includes the following features:

  • Simple but vibrant design to showcase our parish.
  • Enjoyable, consistent experience on mobile and desktop.
  • Basic church information including service times, contact information, history, available sacraments and team outline.
  • Newsletter signup.
  • Group pages which will soon be easily managed and maintained by their leaders. Group pages allow downloadable resources and team information to be added.
  • Events which can be attached to groups or sacraments.
  • Articles for up to date news to be added to the site.

Features coming in the near future include a lot of updates behind the scenes to help performance, online forms and a Tuesday newsletter automatically generated from the content on the website.

We now need help from the parish to get the website content complete and up to date. Details on how to do this are to follow.