COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Posted 13th March 2020

In light of the advice from Bishop Philip, we are to act as if we are in “stage 2” of the advice given by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

  • No Holy Water in the stoups.
  • Communion is of one kind only and only in the hand (not mouth).
  • Sign of peace to be ‘non-contact’.
  • Those who are most vulnerable are advised to stay away from large parish gatherings and stay at home.
  • Collection to be taken at the end of Mass, as you leave.
  • The Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion will need to use sanitised gel before the distribution of communion.
  • Hymn books will no longer be used at Mass.

To disrupt the spread of the virus:
Catch it - sneeze into a tissue, Bin it - bin the tissue, Kill it - wash your hands